What is the purpose of this web site - iCareUpdates.com?
applicable.  There is just too much information and advertising to make this a friendly option to use.  The web site has been amazingly used so much so for instance in the first week alone there was over 5,000 hits on the site and over 280 messages of people showing their love, care or words of encouragement.
A FREE Website service to assist families during difficult times
In 2009 we had a family member suffer from a very serious drawn out illness.  It was decided to set up a web site that would allow family members and friends around the world to show their love, care and prayers for the patient and in particular their family.
It was looked at using available internet tools like Facebook or a web blog, but these ways of using the internet to provide and receive information in these times of trauma or caring needs are not
The family or approved friend can login in with their unique own password to add, edit or delete as many up to date progress reports as they wish. It has a mini word processor built in with the option for pictures to be included.
It takes a massive workload off the family and those affected in making or taking phone calls, emails, SMS, etc. during this difficult time, but still knowing that people are caring and giving words of encouragement.
This Free service is a wonderful asset for the medical, hospital or nursing home staff caring for the patient as they are able to concentrate on their real job instead of answering many phone calls on the latest updates.  The medical, hospital or nursing home staff are able to tell those people who phone in (except one authorised contact) that the information and updates are available on the web site.
It helps to stop incorrect information about the patientís condition being spread around as the patient or family update the web site directly themselves with the details they wish to reveal during those difficult times.
These up to date progress reports will give the patient or family a wonderful record of their illness and progress when the situation changes.
It gives a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to leave appropriate words of love and care for the patient/family which includes the date, time and their name.  There is NO registration required to leave messages.
The patient or family unique page has no advertising on it and is not cluttered apart from iCareUpdates telling viewers of this FREE service and giving anybody the option to make a donation to help with the running costs to allow this service to keep running.
The patient or family unique page has a separate web URL address to inform family and friends of this site.  While it is viewable by anyone (no password required) it is not actively promoted for searching in say Google. (Although search engines may find the site)
The patient or family can ask us to place on the site an appropriate picture and initial wording for the main page which includes a description of the illness, trauma, accident or aged care required and may include words of encouragement.
The family or approved friend can login in with their unique own password to view the IP address where the message has come from and if needed to delete the message altogether.
Some of the advantages of using the iCareUpdates.com service are:
As this is a FREE service, please consider making a donation via PayPal to ensure this service is able to continue
What are people saying about this service?
What a wonderful idea - to keep us updated like this! ...... Michael
That's great news!! every milestone no matter how small is celebrated. Thank you for the updates, ...........
Thanks Fred for the continued updates -- but please make sure that you all get your rest. You all need to maintain your strength as well thru this very difficult and trying time.
We are constantly thinking about you all
...... I have had people who I have not seen for so long because of the ridiculously busy lives we live, who have left messages on this page. I am so grateful to you all at Icare for such a great way to relay what is happening. Everyone I have spoken to have just been amazed at this website....... It has made it so much easier for everyone to just go to the page and get the right information and has taken so much burden off my children. - KM
........Itís an amazing journey you are all on and we watch the updates regularly; keeping you all in our thoughts.
Thanks John (and family) for the continued update on James. We have watched carefully each day for the past week or so as you share this difficult journey. Our prayers ....
.....I might be along way from home but I get daily updates on your condition. All ....
We think of you all and pray constantly that Ken will be healed and all the family will be comforted by our great God in this difficult time. Thanks for the regular updates.
You all continue to be in our prayers, and we're so grateful for the frequent updates.
.......He is God! Thanks for the daily updates.....
......Thanks for the regular and specific updates - we do appreciate them.....
A FREE personalised Website to assist with updating family and friends of the patientís progress and journey
As a result it was decided to offer this FREE service to any people around the world who would gain and appreciate this option for family and friends to use in these times of trauma or caring needs.
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