Following a few days in the Mersey Hospital at Latrobe and battling to breathe, he was relocated to ICU in the Launceston General Hospital on Tuesday, 17th March.  That night he was put into an induced coma on a ventilator, to aid his recovery.  Approximately 7 weeks later they started to bring him off sedation.  He was in the intensive care unit for 98 days and is now home after being in hospital for nearly 8 months.
"Where there is life there is hope"
Ken's Journey March - November 2009
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Ken Overton - On Saturday 14th March, 2009, Ken was diagnosed with severe neucrotic pancreatitis.  This is a serious illness (20-30% cases are severe) which can be life threatening.  Common causes are alcohol, gall stones, or unknown.  Ken was in the unknown category.
Life Support in ICU
Thanks again for your continued interest & prayers…and lets all remember it is God who has given us life today and He wants us to live for Him.   This website was setup to assist with communication.
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